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Music Festival Wear

Music Festival Wear

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How to make a Designer Style Lace Top for under $15

You can make a simple lace top

Simple and beautiful

Hand-stitched neck binding 

What you'll need:
1- 1 yard of lace
2- Scissors 
3- sewing pins
4- thread
5- hand sewing needle 
6- satin bias tape or strip of tape

Start with a yard of lace. This one is a remnant from JoAnn's Fabrics. This piece was half off the original price. It only cost approximately $12.50. 

Find a perfect pre-made top (which is free to you as a pattern) and fold it in half and pin to your fabric. This top is a shell from Forever 21 (similar) that I just love. Notice I place the fold line of the top on the fold of the fabric and the bottom edge of the fabric is on the edge of the lace.  It works out wonderfully because there is no hemming involved in this project. You will do this step for the front of your top and the back. Make sure everything is even and lined up.

I like to eyeball it once more before I cut; Looking good.

Then cut around your top leaving a seam allowance. I left about 3/4 of an inch because I needed to finish the edges on my serger which takes about 1/4" then I'll sew everything together with 1/2" seam.

Still eyeballing...... Looks good! Then sew shoulder seams together. Now you have a lace shell.

Once the shoulder seams are sewn together, then sew the side seams, turn your top to the right side and hem your sleeves. I just surged the seam edge and folded it under about 1/4" and did a straight hem. 

Looking good right! Not done yet.......

I chose to hand stitch a satin finished neckline (or this) which maybe a bit more complicated for some but you can use the same finished edge that you used for the sleeve hem.

This simple lace top is sooooo........ versatile; Love it!

You now have a simple project to make. Let me know what you think? Is it something you'd make? Did you make it? Keep in touch.

Happy sewing......

White lace top inspiration

White lace top inspiration